What is Vates VMS?

Introducing Vates Virtualization Management Stack (VMS), your all-in-one virtualization solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern IT infrastructures. Our comprehensive stack seamlessly integrates every layer from the hypervisor, compatible with all x86 servers, to the agentless web appliance for administration, management, and backup of virtual machines. Whether you're managing a standard private cloud or deploying at the edge, Vates VMS is engineered to deliver robust performance and flexibility.

At the core of Vates VMS lies the XCP-ng virtualization platform, a powerful engine based on the Xen Project, renowned for its scalability and adherence to high security standards. This robust foundation ensures that Vates VMS can handle the most demanding workloads with ease and reliability.

The Xen Orchestra Appliance provides a powerful interface for management and backup tasks, simplifying complex operations. For those seeking hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, XOSTOR is integrated to streamline virtual SAN creation, while XO Proxy ensures efficient backup management in remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments.

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With Vates VMS, you get a fully packaged, open-source, turnkey solution that simplifies virtualization management, enhances operational efficiency, and scales with your business needs. Vates VMS also offers a diverse range of commercial packages that include enterprise-level support, featuring 24/7 availability and a rapid 1-hour response time from our team of experts. Discover the power and versatility of Vates VMS and elevate your IT infrastructure to new heights.

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XCP-ng is an open-source virtualization platform built on the Xen Project hypervisor. It offers high performance, robust security, and seamless integration with existing tools. As the core engine of Vates VMS, XCP-ng provides a scalable and efficient solution for managing virtualized environments, backed by continuous R&D and long-term support.

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Xen Orchestra

Xen Orchestra is a web-based, agentless interface designed for the administration, management, and backup of your XCP-ng infrastructure. It simplifies server management from a central location, providing features such as hot migration, continuous replication, and comprehensive backup options, all accessible from any device.

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Xen Orchestra Lite

XO Lite is a lightweight version of Xen Orchestra designed for single-host or single-pool management, accessible directly from your web browser and pre-packaged with XCP-ng.It simplifies the administration of micro-infrastructures without requiring any installation, providing essential features such as VM creation, booting, migration, and monitoring.

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Create your virtual SAN with XOSTOR, a powerful hyperconvergence solution based on DRDB technology and developed with LINBIT. XOSTOR transforms local server disks into a high-performance virtual SAN, ensuring data replication and high availability. This scalable solution integrates seamlessly with Xen Orchestra and operates at the hypervisor level for performance close to the hardware.

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Xen Orchestra Proxy

XO Proxy is designed for data centers and enterprises with multiple server sites, decentralizing backups and updates to reduce network consumption and enhance security. By offloading backup tasks to proxies, XO Proxy minimizes data transfer and network load while reducing the attack surface by limiting external exposure.

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“The team is very happy with this stack, we didn't got a lot of time to benchmark both solutions, however everything is running fine and we only got to request help from the support once until now.”


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