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3 hosts max

$ 2000/year

For small infrastructure with standard needs.

  • maximum 3 hosts
  • 6 tickets/year
  • Working day support
  • 24h response time (severity 1)


3 hosts max

$ 4000/year

For small infrastructure with high level requirements.

  • maximum 3 hosts
  • Unlimited tickets/year
  • Working day support
  • 24h response time (severity 1)


3 hosts min

$ 1800/host/year

For medium & large infrastructure with critical operations.

  • minimum 3 hosts
  • Unlimited tickets/year
  • 24/7 support
  • 1h response time (severity 1)
  • Setup assistance
  • Upgrade assistance
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Essential Essential+ Pro Enterprise
vates virtualization management Stack
The virtualization platform at the core of Vates VMS
Xen Orchestra Appliance
The web interface for management, administration and backup dedicated to XCP-ng virtualization platform
Software-defined hyperconvergence solution that enables users to easily manage and scale their storage infrastructure in a cost-effective manner
XO Proxy
Manage your backup in distant or very large infrastructure with low latency
Airgap support
Suitable for deployment in an air-gapped environment
Pro Support
Our team of experts provides enhanced technical assistance and guidance
Remote SSH assistance
Allows our experts to access and troubleshoot your systems remotely using a secure commande-line interface
Support tickets
6 tickets/year
Days coverage
Working day
Working day
Working day
Severity 1 response time
Setup assistance
Professional guidance to help you install, configure and optimize your XCP-ng and XOA environment
Upgrade assistance
Professional guidance to help you upgrade your virtual environment while minimizing downtime and ensure a smooth transition
Core Features
Maximum hosts per pool
3 hosts
3 hosts
64 hosts
64 hosts
Basic Features
Web Updater
User-friendly tool that enables users to perform monthly updates on XOA
Turnkey Secured Appliance
a pre-configured VM that includes the XO web interface and necessary security measures to help you easily and securely manage your infrastructure
Live storage migration
Move virtual machine disk files between storage devices or storage pools without any interruption or downtime
Dynamic memory control
Allocation of memory to virtual machines adjusted automatically based on the workload demands, optimizing resource usage and improving performance
Live patching
Apply security updates and patches without requiring reboot or downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operation and increased security
XVA/OVA Import
Import XVA and OVA virtual machines images
XVA Export
Export XVA virtual machines images
Warm migration
Move VMs between physical hosts minimizing downtime when Live migration is not available
Interface for developers to automate and integrate virtualization management tasks with external systems, allowing for greater flexibility and customization
Hyperthreading detection
Detects and reports the presence of hyperthreading technology on CPUs, allowing for optimized virtual machine placement and performance
Let's Encrypt Support
Easily obtain and manage SSL/TLS certificates for your virtual environment for better security and encryption
USB passthrough
Allows USB devices to be connected directly to a virtual machine, enabling full access and control of the device
GPU passthrough
Allows GPU to be assigned directly to a virtual machine, providing high-performance graphics capabilities and hardware acceleration
Backup & disaster recovery
Full backups
Backup entire VMs, including all its disks, configuration and metadata
Incremental Backup
Backup VMs by sending only the delta between each backup job
Full Replication
Backup entire VMs using another host as a target repository for faster recovery in case of disaster
Incremental Replication
Replicate VMs sending only the delta between each job using another host as a target repository for faster recovery in case of disaster
Backup reports
Get detailed reports of all your backup jobs, enabling you to monitor and troubleshoot your backup processes
Smart Backup
Improve your backup strategy with more flexibility by selecting VMs to backup based on their status, tags, or placement, instead of manually choosing each one of them
Backup Encryption
Protect your backup via encryption with a passphrase
Metadata Backup
Allows you to recover from a physical hardware failure scenario in which you lose your hosts without losing your storage
RAM enabled backup
Backup contents of your VMs including the RAM along with the disk data, improving data integrity in the event of a failure
Backup Manual Recovery Check
Perform manual verification of the integrity and recoverability of your VMs backups
Backup Automated Recovery Check
Automatically verifies the integrity and recoverability of virtual machine backups on a regular basis, providing proactive assurance that backups are reliable
Advanced Backup Recovery Check
Perform application aware recovery check
Mirror Backup
Asynchronous backup of an existing backup repository
File-level restore
Restore individual files or directories from virtual machine backups, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in data recovery operations
Amazon S3 backup storage
Store virtual machine backups on Amazon S3 (and other S3 storage), a cloud storage solution, enabling hybrid backup solutions
VMs management
Rolling snapshots
Create a series of snapshots for a virtual machine
Integrate Xen Orchestra with your existing LDAP authentication system and enable single sign-on (SSO) capabilities
ACLs (Access Control Lists) allows administrators to control and manage user access to specific resources and actions within the XOA platform
Allows administrators to delegate resources in XOA for end-users to create and manage their own VMs, providing greater autonomy in managing workload
monitoring & health
VMs stats
Provides real-time monitoring of performance and resources usage in your environment, allowing you to troubleshoot issues as well as optimize your resources
Analyze trends and patterns, optimize your resources, and plan for future capacity requirements
Infrastructure reports
Detailed report on the state of your virtual infrastructure, including status of your VMs, storage, network, and hosts, helping your to identify issues and optimize resources
Infra Health
Provides comprehensive view of the health and performance of your virtual infrastructure, allowing you to monitor and diagnose issues and optimize your resources
Advanced Live Telemetry
Detailed view of your infrastructure with resource consumption analysis (CPU/RAM), network traffic, storage, IMPI info and more
Dataviz (dashboard)
A visual representation of the performance and health of your virtual infrastructure, using graphs, charts, and other visualizations
Audit log
Tracks and records all user actions within the infrastructure, providing an audit trail that can be used for compliance, security, and troubleshooting
Pool management & automation
Pool/host auto patching
Automated patching and updates for hosts and pools, helping you to keep your infrastructure up-to-date in a single click
Job Manager
Schedule tasks and jobs in your infrastructure, such as backups, snapshots, and VM migrations, from a centralized dashboard
Trigger an external web hook before or after any kind of action, from a VM start to an host reboot
XO Hub
Browse and download pre-packaged VMs template to extend the functionality of your virtualization environment
Terraform provider
Allows infrastructure as code (IaC) automation using Terraform directly embeds in your Xen Orchestra Appliance
Kubernetes Recipe
Deploy and manage K8s clusters directly from your XOA appliance
Docker management
Deploy, manage, and monitor Docker containers within your virtualization infrastructure
Rolling pool update
Handle automatically the update of a whole pool of hosts
Load balancing
Automatically distributes VMs across multiple servers to improve performance, reliability, and optimize resource utilization
Multihost Pool Join
Easily add multiple hosts to an existing pool with just a few clicks
Smart Host Reboot
Reboot your host without losing VM memory
Cloudinit support
Configure VM at boot time with custom scripts and cloud-init directives, streamlines the process of configuring multiple virtual machines with the same settings, making it ideal for cloud deployments
Netbox Sync
Enables syncing virtualization inventory with NetBox, an IPAM/DCIM tool for better tracking and managing of IP addresses, physical hosts, and other infrastructure components
SR-IOV networking
Lets multiple virtual machines share a single network interface card (NIC) with direct access, reducing CPU usage and improving network performance.
SDN controller
Manage and configure software-defined private networks within your virtualization infrastructure
Cross hosts private network
Create private networks (VLAN, VXLAN) that spans multiple hosts in your infrastructure. Allows for communication between VMs running on different hosts without the need for external networking

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