Hyperconvergence solution for your virtual infrastructure, XOSTOR is based on DRBD technology and allows you to create a powerful virtual SAN in order to mutualize the storage spaces of your servers.

  • High availability enabler

  • Open solution for HCI

  • Reduce IT costs

  • Scale as you need

Unlock the true potential of your servers

With XOSTOR, turn your local server disks into a high-performance virtual SAN. Use your SSDs or HDDs to create an HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) and secure it with data replication.


Turnkey deployment,
user friendly management

Designed to be deployed in a few click directly from you Xen Orchestra Appliance, your HCI will be ready in a few clicks with XOSTOR.
With Xen Orchestra as a central management point to manage your cluster administering and controlling your nodes has never been easier. Monitoring, replace faulty node, scale resources in and out, everything is accessible directly from your Xen Orchestra Appliance.

Scale at your own pace

Add (or remove) XOSTOR nodes as your needs grow and evolve. XOSTOR is designed for flexibility and scalability.

The power of open-source with
entreprise level support

  • No license

    use anytime,anywhere

  • Active community

    support each other,achieve together

  • Github repository

    report and contribute

  • Professional team

    full time employed developers

  • 24/7 support

    full time employed engineers

It all started with XCP-ng

XCP-ng is the hypervisor layer of your infrastructure, the first thing you need to install on your server.

Discover XCP-ng


XOSTOR is the result of a long cooperation with LINBIT, the company behind the DRBD project. Find out more about the development of XOSTOR.