Xen Orchestra

A true management interface for your virtual infrastructure, Xen Orchestra is both a web and API-based, agentless appliance that includes all the features you need, from hot migration to continuous replication of your virtual machines.

  • Administration & Management

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud enabler

  • Cybersecurity

The best solution to administrate your XCP-ng infrastructure

A user friendly web interface, accessible from any device and agentless solution that will simplify all your tasks. VM creation, management, metrics and statistics, backup reports directly on Slack… XO will become your best friend!

Backup your infrastructure the way you need it

The backup is an essential component for the security of your infrastructure. With Xen Orchestra, select the backup mode that suits you best and protect your VMs and your business.

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Bring your infrastructure to the Cloud

Xen Orchestra is your cloud initiator for XCP-ng (and XenServer). Group management, resource delegation and easy group administration. The Cloud is yours!

The power of open-source with
entreprise level support

  • No license

    use anytime,anywhere

  • Active community

    support each other,achieve together

  • Transparent

    development process

  • Github repository

    report and contribute

  • Professional team

    full time employed developers

  • 24/7 support

    full time employed engineers

Meet XO Lite

Not everyone needs an administration interface as complete as Xen Orchestra can be. Small businesses with only one or two hosts and very limited budgets also have a solution: XO Lite. A simplified version of Xen Orchestra, which runs directly in your browser.

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Discover Use Cases

Xen orchestra is a complete tool for the administration, management and backup of an XCP-ng infrastructure. The use cases are numerous, discover some of them.

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