Xen Orchestra Proxy

Achieve fast, reliable and secure backup in distant and large infrastructure.

  • Backup distant location

  • Backup large infrastructure

  • Reduce infrastructure exposure

Fast and reliable backup

A Xen Orchestra Proxy is an architecture component you can deploy in large infrastructure or in distant locations where you want to perform backup or restoration jobs. While the main Xen Orchestra Appliance administers tasks, the proxy processes and delivers backup traffic. The main usage of backup proxies today is to more efficiently manage distant locations or large infrastructure for which the traffic load is too heavy to rely on a single Xen Orchestra Appliance.

Backup distant location

To avoid useless back and forth of data through your Xen Orchestra Appliance when doing backups in distant locations. The main Xen Orchestra will allow you to manage all your backup jobs but the proxies will execute the job in your distant instance.

XO Proxy architecture diagram

Reduce load in large infrastructure

When you have hundreds of hosts, the data load becomes too heavy to be handled by a single Xen Orchestra Appliance. Xen Orchestra proxy will split the load between the main Appliance and the proxies, therefore providing a performance boost during backup job execution.

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Reduce surface of attack

XOA proxies are not only tools that allow you to make backups. With XOA proxies, you can reduce the attack surface of your infrastructure by only exposing your proxy to the internet.

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