Xen Orchestra Lite Beta

XO Lite is still a beta project. The first release will come very soon. Stay tuned!

Xen Orchestra Lite is a lightweight version of the Xen Orchestra Appliance for single-host administration, running directly from your browser without having to deploy anything.

  • Single host management

  • No installation required

  • Ultra light solution

Say goodbye to console

And say hello to XO Lite, a light version of Xen Orchestra, user friendly, working directly in your browser, on any device and from anywhere. XO Lite is directly embeds with your XCP-ng host.

Manage your single host

The essential administration features are in XO Lite, creating, booting, migrating VMs, all the functionalities you may need for a single host are available.


Not only can you administer your server with XO Lite, but you can also monitor its activity, the disk space used, network consumption and so on, always from your internet browser.

The power of open-source with
entreprise level support

  • No license

    use anytime,anywhere

  • Active community

    support each other,achieve together

  • Github repository

    report and contribute

  • Professional team

    full time employed developers

  • 24/7 support

    full time employed engineers

It all started with XCP-ng

XCP-ng is the first layer of your infrastructure, the essential first brick to start your virtual machine infrastructure.

Discover XCP-ng

Read our DevBlog

We introduced XO Lite project in a dedicated DevBlog. We also wrote on many different topics. If you want to learn more about the technology under our solutions, the UI/UX choices we made or the main use cases we envision, check out our Devblogs.

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