XCP-ng virtualization platform

Discover a turnkey bare-metal virtualization platform with a powerful hypervisor that you install directly on your physical server. XCP-ng delivers high end performances and allow you to efficiently partition hardware to consolidate applications and reduce your IT costs. XCP-ng is a leading Open Source virtualization solution on the market and benefits from massive investments in R&D each year.

  • Scale easily

  • Secure hypervisor

  • Innovative

  • Easy to administrate

Scale as you need

Not only is XCP-ng an open source virtualization platform with an open source hypervisor but it is also interoperable, able to work with your existing or future tools. XCP-ng also benefits from an LTS (Long Term Support) version which guarantees stable deployments for many years.

Security is a big deal

Based on the Xen hypervisor technology, XCP-ng is one of the most secure virtualization platform on the market. The separation of platform components is at the heart of XCP-ng's architecture and the platform is patched on a regular basis to increase security and prevents loopholes. Only the Dom0 is able to communicate directly with the hardware in XCP-ng, which greatly mitigates the risk of attacks through unpriviledged VMs.

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XCP-ng benefits from several million euros of investment in R&D. Whether it is to improve the performance of the solution, to reinforce the security of the platform or to increase its interoperability, XCP-ng benefits from the constant work of a dozen specialized developers.

The power of open-source with
entreprise level support

  • No license

    use anytime, anywhere

  • Active community

    support each other, achieve together

  • Github repository

    report and contribute

  • Professional team

    full time employed developers

  • 24/7 support

    full time employed engineers

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Transform your infrastructure into a truly complete virtualization platform with the combination of Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng.

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Vates Virtualization Platform can be used in a wide range of areas. Whether you need to administer a datacenter, manage an on premise infrastructure or deploy machines in the edge, your needs are covered. The people who tell it best are our users! Discover all our user stories in this section.

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