Breaking Free from VMware and VEEAM

Are you struggling with the complexities, costs, and uncertainties of your current VMware + Veeam virtualization solutions? It's time to consider a better approach. Welcome to the Vates Virtualization Management Stack — a robust, open-source, and cost-effective alternative.

Connect with our team to discover how Vates VMS can address your challenges and help your business thrive. Let us show you a more efficient and affordable way to manage your virtual infrastructure.

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“For instance, when I looked at XCP-NG and XOA, the inherent value is so much higher than the competition.”

CHUCK COLBY (IT/OT Solutions Architect @Nor-Cal Controls ES.)

Vates Virtualization Management Stack - Your Superior Alternative to VMware + Veeam

Step into the future of open-source virtualization with the Vates Virtualization Management Stack. Seamlessly combining the power of the XCP-ng virtualization platform and Xen Orchestra management & backup appliance, we're equipped to cater to 99% of real user needs in a virtualization infrastructure, offering a superior, more efficient alternative to VMware + Veeam.

Cost effective

Maximize savings
Say goodbye to the exorbitant costs of VMware and explore the cost-effective virtualization solution that is Vates. We charge per host, not per core or CPU, making it a much more affordable solution. Plus, with a support-based business model, you're only paying for expert assistance, not code usage.

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Harness unlimited potential
With Vates Virtualization Management Stack, you get more flexibility and scalability than VMware + Veeam. Our all-in-one solution and transparent business model mean no hidden costs as you scale. A single Xen Orchestra appliance can manage up to a thousand hosts, and we offer broad compatibility with x86 servers.

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Robust support

Never alone
We pride ourselves on our active community and expert technical support teams. Our comprehensive support includes recommendations and guidance from the very beginning. A well-set infrastructure means fewer incidents, leading to fewer support tickets and a smoother experience.

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Choose the Vates Virtualization Management Stack, and experience the difference of a truly superior, cost-effective, and customer-centric virtualization solution. It's more than just an alternative to VMware and Veeam; it's your next step towards a simplified, efficient, and effective virtualization management.

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See the Vates Virtualization Stack in action! Register now for our live demo webinar and discover how our open-source solution can simplify your virtualization management.

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Definitive migration guide

Migrating from VMware has never been so easy. Dive into our comprehensive, step-by-step guide and discover the simplicity of migrating from VMware to XCP-ng thanks to our V2V tool.

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