User Stories

Vates Virtualization Platform can be used in a wide range of areas. Whether you need to administer a datacenter, manage an on premise infrastructure or deploy machines in the edge, your needs are covered. The people who tell it best are our users! Discover all our user stories in this section.

Freedom of choice

Vates virtualization solutions are suitable for all types of infrastructures and help you achieve your ambitions while remaining simple to deploy and use. Learn how our users successfully migrated to XCP-ng without any issue.

BedRock Streaming: A solid on-prem infrastructure

BedRock Streaming develops Streaming video platform for their customers. They have 45M users in 5 different countries. They choose to migrate their on-premise infrastructure from VMware to XCP-ng and managed to do so seamlessly

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ImplyIT: Delivering services to medium and small companies

Imply I.T. main focus is delivering IT services to Small and Medium sized businesses, that rely on outsourcing their IT & Telephony Support. They choose to migrate from VMware to XCP-ng to accomplish their mission.

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Empowering Nor-Cal Controls: A Success Story in the Power Generation Sector

Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. is a professional, customer‐focused company offering consulting, engineering, and training services to the United States power generation utility sector. They choose Vates Virtualization Management Stack for their infrastructure because of the inherent value of the solution when compared to competitors.

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“Vates has accrued a highly skilled team well equipped to address growing on-premise and private cloud infrastructure (IaaS) customer needs. As a board member I have been helping Vates enrich and scale-up customer engagements, set market driven priorities and to develop go-to-market partnerships..”

Gabriel Vizzard, former Business Dev Executive Architect @IBM

Security & Backup

XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra are used by companies looking for a secure platform that can effectively protect their data.

Aquaray: Tier IV Datacenter relies on XCP-ng

Aquaray has one of the only data centers in France with a tier IV certification. This means that their infrastructure is particularly resilient and protected.

They chose to rely on XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra to build this virtual infrastructure.

Read Aquaray user story fireproof backup is one of our Xen Orchestra users. Their Sysadmin told us how their data was backed up thanks to XOA, even when one of the datacenters hosting their machine burned in a fire.

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“Vates and Yogosha have been working on a number of initiatives in the field of cybersecurity technologies and secure virtualization . We're looking forward to expand our collaboration in the future.”

Y. KAZAR, CEO & founder at Yogosha

Virtualization made simple for all scenarios

Whether you are a large company with thousands of machines, an innovative company with needs in the edge, a public infrastructure that wants to use an affordable and open source solution. Vates Virtualization platform fits all use cases at a competitive price.

Vates Virtualization platform and public infrastructure

XCP-ng is used by a wide variety of users in many different industries. Among our users, we also have public infrastructure operators, such as cities or universities. Challans city is a public infrastructure with a reasonnable size running on our solutions.

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Leading the Pack: MANI Indústrias Plásticas SA' Journey with Vates VMS

For nearly six decades, MANI SA has been a trendsetter to produce plastic packaging for the home meal replacement industry. By harnessing the sophisticated capabilities of the Vates Virtualization Management Stack, MANI has not only streamlined its processes but also significantly bolstered its resilience.

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Vates production infrastructure

Of course, at Vates we use our own tools. In this article you can learn more about our own production environment and how we created a secure and performing virtual infrastructure with XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra.

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In a world where more and more systems connect to the network, secure virtualization and infrastructure management are key elements for successful deployments of IT within manufacturing, energy and more generally contexts rely on computing the edge of the network.

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