Meet the Team

Today, Vates has almost 30 employees worldwide. For us, work is not a place, it's what people do. Let me introduce you to our team!

Dedicated collaborators

Vates offers all its employees the opportunity to work 100% remotely. Our offices are located in Grenoble, France, and although our team is mainly from this region, we also have employees and partners in the United States, India, England, etc.

Founders & directors

  • Olivier Lambert

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Nithida Vialle

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Julien Fontanet

    Chief Technical Officer

XCP-ng team

  • Andreï

    System R&D developer

  • Benjamin

    Network R&D developer

  • Damien

    Kernel R&D developer

  • Gaël

    Release Manager

  • Ronan

    Storage R&D developer

  • Samuel

    Release Manager

  • Yann

    Xen R&D developer

  • Thierry

    Qemu R&D developer

  • David

    Network R&D developer

  • Guillaume

    Xen and XAPI developer

  • Jérémie

    Windows PV drivers developer

Xen Orchestra team

  • Flo

    XOA backend developer

  • Gabriel

    XOA backend developer

  • Pierre

    XO/XO Lite developer

  • Rajaa

    XO/XO Lite developer

  • Mathieu

    XOA/XO Lite developer

Virtualization Support and Solutions team

  • Jon

    Expert Virtualization Solutions Advisor

  • Manon

    Virtualization Support & Solutions

  • Yannick

    Virtualization Support & Solutions

Internal IT team

  • Georges

    Full stack developer

  • Fabrice

    Full stack developer

  • Julien

    Full stack developer

Admin team

  • Michael

    General Manager

  • Charles

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Marc-André

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Marc

    Project Manager Officer

  • Amel

    Sales assistant

  • Justine

    Administrative assistant

Want to join us?

Vates is always on the lookout for new talent, whether it be to strengthen our support team, developers or even sales. You can check out the current open positions or send us your spontaneous application, we will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Careers at Vates

Learn more about Vates

Vates was born more than 10 years ago in the French Alps, in Grenoble. Our team is composed of more than 20 people, spread out in France and elsewhere in the world. Want to know more about our history? Our team? Thinking of joining us?

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