A collection of questions we often have and can easily answer.

How to get started with Vates Virtualization Platform?

You want to deploy a virtual infrastructure and you don't know where to start? Here is the best way to create your first virtual machine using our solutions:
  • 1. Download XCP-ng hypervisor here
  • 2. Install XCP-ng hypervisor on your server (check our documentation here)
  • 3. Register your Vates account here
  • 4. Deploy Xen Orchestra appliance from this page
  • 5. Login to your appliance (default access is: admin@admin.net and the password is admin.)
  • 6. Register your appliance with your account email and start your trial period directly from your appliance (no commitment, no credit card required!)
  • 7. Enjoy!

What are the supported hypervisor for Xen Orchestra?

Xen Orchestra is the main management, backup and administration interface for XCP-ng hypervisor. Xen Orchestra is also compatible with Citrix XenServer hypervisor. The compatibility list is available here.

How can I migrate from VMware (or another hypervisor)?

Migrate to XCP-ng from another hypervisor might be easier than you think. Most of the time, you simply need to migrate your VMs in OVA format and import it in your XCP-ng. We have a dedicated documentation for all the well known hypervisor out there. It's available here Note also that we are currently working on an automated migration tools if you are coming from VMware. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance for your migration.

Why should I subscribe to pro support?

Our pro support is primarily aimed at companies with production environments - homelabbers should rather go for the source version, which is much more suitable for individuals. For companies, the interest of having the support of the editor of your tools is easy to perceive, but our support is not the average support found elsewhere. Our solutions being Open Source, it means that support is our core business, and we pay particular attention to ensure that it is up to our standards. We recommend reading this blogpost to understand what the word "support" means to us.

Is there a Vates Partner Program and how can I join it?

All the information about Vates Partner program, our ARC system and the process to apply are available on this dedicated section of our website.

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