Introducing Vates Virtualization Management Stack

News Dec 18, 2023

In the past year, the Vates team has embarked on journey of transformation, enhancing our suite of products for a seamless user experience. You already discovered the revamped version of our website but our efforts didn't stop at aesthetics; we dove deep into refining our commercial offerings and online store. The goal? To present a unified, all-encompassing solution, bridging Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng more intuitively than ever before.

Particularly for those transitioning from VMware – a significant portion of our clientele since 2022 – we've crafted our packages for straightforward comparison and ease of adoption. Think of XCP-ng as a robust alternative to ESXi, and Xen Orchestra as a fusion of Vcenter and VEEAM functionalities.

We're excited to introduce these packages under the banner of 'Vates Virtualization Management Stack' or 'Vates VMS' for short. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this new chapter - so feel free to join the discussion on our community forum!

The bundles

In 2024, during the first quarter, we're set to make a significant shift in our product lineup. We will progressively phase out our current offerings, replacing them with streamlined bundled offers. These new bundles will encompasses both the Xen Orchestra Appliance and XCP-ng pro support, starting from setups with a minimum of three hosts.

For those with smaller scale needs, we've got you covered as well – simply stayed tuned and you'll see our Small Business offer section to discover tailored offers designed specifically for you.
From the inception of our company, we have consistently implemented EUR/USD parity to simplify the process of understanding and managing invoices. Being a French enterprise, our pricing is primarily denominated in Euros (EUR), catering to our customers within the Eurozone. For clients located outside this zone, we apply pricing in US Dollars (USD).

📦 Vates VMS Pro

With Vates VMS Pro, you gain the combined benefits of XCP-ng Standard Pro Support and the advanced features of the Xen Orchestra Enterprise edition, in an all in one integrated package. It's the ideal blend of functionality and affordability.

  • Pricing: 1000EUR/host/year
  • Options:
    • XOSTOR: 800EUR/host/year (coming soon)
    • XO Proxy: 720EUR/license/year

📦 Vates VMS Enterprise

Vates VMS Enterprise is our high-end offering designed for those who demand the utmost in performance and support. This package is engineered to unlock the full potential of the Vates' stack, providing around-the-clock support with a rapid 1-hour response time for severity 1 issues. This bundle encompass the capabilities of the Xen Orchestra Premium edition (all the XOA features) combined with the superior assurance of XCP-ng Enterprise Pro Support that embeds a 24/7 support coverage with a 1h response time for Severity 1 issues.

  • Pricing: 1800EUR/host/year
  • Options:
    • XOSTOR: 1200EUR/host/year (coming soon)
    • XO Proxy: 720EUR/license/year
Custom Solutions for Large-Scale Infrastructures
At Vates, we recognize that larger infrastructures often come with unique demands and complexities. If your setup includes more than 20 hosts, we're prepared to go the extra mile. Our team is ready to craft a bespoke offer tailored specifically to your infrastructure's needs, ensuring a perfect fit. Along with a personalized approach, these custom solutions also come with the advantage of volume discounts. Contact us!

Small business offer

Understanding the unique needs of small-scale infrastructures, we've listened to your feedback and recognized the challenges faced with our previous offerings. Particularly, the concern that they weren’t quite fitting for setups with 1 to 3 hosts, and that the pricing for the Xen Orchestra Premium was a stretch for such infrastructures. We've developed our new range with this in mind.

Introducing our two Essential offers, specifically designed for small businesses operating between 1 to 3 hosts. These packages are crafted to provide the right balance of features and affordability, ensuring that smaller setups no longer have to compromise on quality or overextend their budgets.

Some guidelines about the Essentials offers:
1. Flat Pricing Structure: Whether you have 1, 2, or 3 hosts, the cost remains constant.
2. Eligibility Criteria: The Essentials and Essentials+ bundles are exclusive to infrastructures with 3 hosts or fewer.
3. Bundle Exclusivity: To maintain the integrity and distinct advantages of each of our offerings, the Essential bundles cannot be combined with our Pro or Enterprise packages.

📦 Vates Essential

Vates Essential is the perfect starting point for establishing a robust and efficient production virtualization environment. This bundle has been thoughtfully designed to include all the fundamental features you need, without any unnecessary complexities. It's combining the reliability of XCP-ng Standard Pro Support with the foundational capabilities of the Xen Orchestra Starter edition.

  • Pricing: 2000EUR/year
  • Options:
    • XOSTOR: 800EUR/host/year (coming soon)
    • XO Proxy: 720EUR/license/year

📦 Vates Essential +

Elevate your virtualization capabilities to the next level without stretching your budget. This premium package is your gateway to top-tier performance at an unparalleled value. It incorporates XCP-ng Standard Pro Support, as well as all Xen Orchestra features, equivalent to the Premium edition.

  • Pricing: 4000EUR/year
  • Options:
    • XOSTOR: 800EUR/host/year (coming soon)
    • XO Proxy: 720EUR/license/year
Special pricing for Educational and Non-profit
At our core, we are deeply committed to supporting organizations engaged in impactful causes and those dedicated to educating communities. We understand the unique challenges faced by educational institutions and non-profits in operating their infrastructure effectively while adhering to budget constraints. To aid in their vital work, we are pleased to offer an additional 10% discount on all subscriptions made by educational entities and NGOs.

About our existing offer

We're fully confident that our new range of offerings will ideally suit the needs of all customers that utilize the industry leading technologies inherent in XCP-NG and Xen Orchestra. However, we understand the importance of choice and flexibility. That's why we're not mandating a migration to our new offerings. You will still have the ability to renew your existing subscription and maintain your current setup.

That said, we strongly encourage you to consider the Vates Virtualization bundle. With XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra now so closely intertwined, it no longer makes sense to have support for just one part of your platform. The Vates VMS is intricately designed to enhance your experience, providing more integrated support, training, and guidance across the entire stack. This holistic approach ensures you get the most out of our services, with seamless functionality and streamlined support.

For our Citrix XenServer users, we haven't forgotten about your specific needs. Recognizing that some of you still rely on this platform, we will continue to offer the Xen Orchestra Premium edition as a standalone purchase. This ensures that you have access to the tools and features essential for your unique environments.


Marc-André Pezin

CMO at Vates since 2017, I have been at the forefront of shaping and advancing the communication strategies and business development initiatives for Vates Virtualization Management Stack.