CloudFest 2024: highlights

News Mar 28, 2024

CloudFest 2024 represented a milestone event for our team, featuring crucial announcements and noteworthy experiences. Though you may have noticed some of the major updates last week (referenced below), there remains a wealth of insights and promising developments from the event I'm eager to share with you.

Bringing modern virtualization in the Arm-powered Datacenter
Learn about our exciting collaboration with Ampere Computing, a major stride in advancing efficient virtualization within the datacenter.
Simplifying IT: 2CRSi’s Mona Servers with XCP-ng Onboard
Vates announces a partnership with 2CRSi at CloudFest! Discover Mona servers with XCP-ng pre-installed, simplifying server management and enhancing Xen Orchestra integration for a seamless out-of-the-box experience
Vates and IONOS partnership
Discover how our partnership with IONOS will help you to deploy XCP-ng very quickly on a turnkey environment.

Just wanted to give a huge shout-out and thanks to everyone who swung by our booth for chats or just to say hi. Getting to connect and learn from you all in person means the world to us.

It was a killer opportunity to get into some real talk with new buddies like 2CRSi and Ampere Computing, and to kick off some fresh connections, especially with folks looking into XCP-ng as a cool alternative to VMware.

The highlight for sure was mingling with loads of XCP-ng users and customers, stumbling upon new vendors which sometimes turned into off-the-cuff demos and talks with some of the big guns in the industry. Massive appreciation goes out to OVH, Hetzner, HPE, SuperMicro, and all the other service or hardware providers for the chance to meet up and spitball some exciting future projects and ideas!


Olivier Lambert

I've been working with free software projects since 2005, deploying Xen since 2008. I'm also the creator of Xen Orchestra in 2009 and XCP-ng in 2018. Also CEO and co-founder of Vates.