Vates Venice Innovation Summit Recap

Events May 31, 2024

This year marks the first ever "Vates Venice Innovation Forum" held in the beautiful setting of Giudecca in Venice, Italy. The event provided a platform for discussion with institutions, employer associations and leading industries in the digital sector.

For those unable to attend, we've put together a quick recap of the event, where numerous companies came together to discuss how to shape the digital future of Europe and, thusly, the world. We'll be highlighting the English sections of the presentation from Vates and our new partners Clever Cloud. You can also view the full presentation in Italian and English, here.

Olivier's Presentation of Vates:

The presention of Olivier (CEO and Co-founder) of Vates, starts with a brief history of the company and how far we've come. From just the 3 co-founders, Olivier, Julien and Nithida, to over 40+ employees across 3 countries (U.S., France and Italy). Olivier continues to discusses how the U.S. has played a critical role in how Vates has managed to gain popularity. More than 50% of Vates revenue and 50% of growth has come from the U.S., following the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom. With the influx of new customers, has come increased recognition, with Vates being the only European integrated infrastructure vendor recognized by Gartner

From here, Olivier discusses how to replicate these successes on our home turf in the European market. Now more so than ever, public and privite entities are becoming aware of the risk of using critical tools from companies like VMware or Microsoft. Companies are demanding a more flexible European based solution. This growing development in the European market holds great promise for the future of Vates in Europe.

Integrated Verticals:

The vision Vates holds for the future is one based on integrated European verticals (Hardware+software+cloud). By building an ecosystem of EU-based and owned entities and keeping the Vates R&D and decision making firmly in the EU, Vates is creating a larger ecosystem with more flexibility while reassuring EU customers of our dedication to a European based solution.

This plan is a continuation of the work Vates has already begun on building and growing our ecosystem. You can read about our partnerships in our blogs. Our relationship with 2CRSi (France) highlights what a (Hardware + Software)
collaboration looks like and how it can work for a better overall experience. Through the Vates partnership with 2CRSi, we've created the mona series servers. These servers come pre-installed with the Vates Stack, making setting up your virtual infrasturture easier than ever before.

Learn about the growing Vates Ecosystem in our upcoming article next week.

Clever Cloud's Presentation:

Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud announced their strategic partnership with Vates! This new strategic partnership aims to enchance the cloud autonomy of France and Europe. By combining the experise of Vates and Clever Cloud (software+cloud) its another stride towards expanding the integrated verticals and an entirely EU-based solution.

You can learn more on the full scoop of the collaboration between Clever Cloud and Vates in our last blog article: Clever Cloud and Vates: two French tech leaders join forces to create comprehensive and autonomous Cloud solutions