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They trust us with their infrastructure

They chose our Vates Virtualization Management Stack (Vates VMS) to build their virtual infrastructure and our pro support to accompany them in their daily missions.


Open infrastructure made simple

We help our customers build reliable and efficient infrastructures while reducing the cost of their virtualization licenses by 100% - Our value is in the pro support we provide, not the licenses we sell!

We are experts in the virtualization industry with 10 years of existence, delivering an open virtualization platform with high-end pro support that allows you to manage your virtual infrastructure in a simple way.

Open-Source software commitment

We are strongly committed to the Open-Source world. The solutions we deliver are 100% open, every bit of our code is available on Github and our hypervisor project is hosted in the Linux Foundation, in which we contribute to several projects (XAPI, Xen). We believe that the future of the industry is open source and we are actively contributing to its expansion, including on the hardware side within RISC-V international banana.

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“Xen Orchestra is a powerful tool for managing a XCP-ng/XenServer environment at any scale. Intuitive, powerful and completely web-based, I find it invaluable for running my 'hands-on lab' environment.”


Answer your use cases

Vates Virtualization Management Stack is one of the most advanced virtualization platforms available on the market. Through the Xen project and the XCP-ng project, several million euros are invested every year to meet all the challenges of today's companies - cybersecurity, edge computing and modern datacenter management.

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With open-source software

We offer a complete and fully open source virtualization stack. XCP-ng is the engine of the solution while Xen Orchestra is its management and backup interface. XOSTOR and XO Proxy will meet the needs of the largest infrastructures in terms of storage, security and backup performances.

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Turnkey Open Source Supervisor
XCP-ng is a type 1 virtualization hypervisor based on Xen. It is hosted by the Linux Foundation, developed by the Vates team, tested and validated by the community. XCP-ng is used in datacenters and infrastructures with thousands of hosts as well as by homelabbers who are passionate about innovation.

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Centralized backup and management for XCP-ng
A management, administration and backup interface dedicated to XCP-ng, Xen Orchestra is a web-based, user-friendly and completely agentless interface. Deploying Xen Orchestra in your infrastructure takes only a few minutes and will be the essential tool to simplify the life of your system administrators.

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XO Lite

Your local cockpit for XCP-ng
Intended for homelabbers, XO Lite is the ideal tool to get started with Xen Orchestra or perform basic administration tasks on a single host. It is a 100% web version and lightened of XOA to perform the simplest actions.

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Hyperconverged storage for XCP-ng
XOSTOR is a high-performance hyperconvergence tool based on DRBD technology that will allow you to pool the physical resources of your hosts in the form of a virtual SAN. Start working in hyperconverged mode, with high availability, all by making optimal use of your hosts resources.

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XO Proxy

Extend and scale your infrastructure
A Xen Orchestra Proxy is an architecture component you can deploy in large infrastructure or in distant locations where you want to perform backup or restoration jobs. While the main Xen Orchestra Appliance administers tasks, the proxy processes and delivers backup traffic.

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Customer success

Because our code is open source, our business model is based on the support we provide to our users. This means that the more reliable and trouble-free the infrastructure is, the fewer tickets we have to manage. This means we have more resources to devote to improving our solutions, to offer even more performance and features to our users. A virtuous circle.

“In the run-up to our datacenter move, we took the opportunity to change our hypervisor solution and choose a French player who was willing to support us. We love the mentality and seriouslness of the Vates teams, the choice of Open Source and the great transparency of decisions.”


Learn more about Vates

Vates was born more than 10 years ago in the French Alps, in Grenoble. Our team is composed of more than 20 people, spread out in France and elsewhere in the world. Want to know more about our history? Our team? Our core values? Thinking of joining us?

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