Photo by Samantha Borges / Unsplash

Vates and Linbit Webinar: XOSTOR, Hyperconvergence for XCP-ng

XOSTOR Jun 13, 2024

At the end of 2019, a powerful technological alliance between Vates and LINBIT was formed. This alliance aimed to bring LINBIT's DRBD support into the XCP-ng hypervisor and provide powerful tools like High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Software Defined Storage.

Since then, we’ve made numerous accomplishments in the realization of these goals. High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Software-defined Storage have all been successfully implemented. Last month marked our crowning achievement, the launch of XOSTOR, our hyperconvergence solution for your virtual infrastructure. XOSTOR allows you to create a powerful virtual SAN to mutualize the storage spaces of your servers.


Join our webinar on the 26th of June at 4 pm CET (10 am EST) as leaders from LINBIT and Vates gather to discuss our journey to create XOSTOR, and other key Vates VMS features, provide a demo of XOSTOR and discuss the future of the Vates and LINBIT alliance. Sign up to register and receive updates for the Webinar.