Vates joins the AFCEA association

Press release Jan 6, 2021

Vates SAS, the leading French software vendor developing secure and turnkey systems and infrastructure management and delivery solutions, has joined the Italian Chapter of AFCEA. Vates is committed to invest in the Italian ecosystem of defense and cybersecurity and looks forward to grow the conversation and the projects on secure infrastructure management through its virtualization technology and his investments in software security and hardening.

"We are very pleased to have accepted VATES request to join the Rome Chapter of AFCEA International. With its experience and skills it will increase the expertise available in the Chapter in the field of cybersecurity and will certainly contribute to spread among members and among military, industrial and academic experts  the know-how for the solution of problems in the said field" said General A. Tangorra, President of the Italian Chapter of AFCEA. "We look forward to work with the defense and cybsersecurity ecosystem in Italy. The need for secure infrastructure and their management is growing in key sectors, including the defense and cybersecurity markets" said Olivier Lambert, CEO and co-founder of Vates.

As part of its solutions, Vates SAS sells support on its Open Source, secure hypervisor, XCP-ng, and its orchestration and backup platform, Xen Orchestra.


Charles-H. Schulz

Charles-H. Schulz ls the head of strategy at Vates. He is a technologist, cybersecurity expert, Free Software advocate and has spent many years in Open Source projects and cybersecurity policies.