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Expand your virtualisation offering by becoming a Vates partner and integrating our Virtualization Stack in your customer infrastructure.

Think big!

The Vates Partner Program offers you the opportunity to expand your value proposition in the virtualisation sector by adding an all-in-one solution for deploying, managing and monitoring a virtual machine infrastructure. Provide a full stack solution to your clients is now possible. Take advantage of opportunities and develop your business quicker and with more profit while keeping the cost under controle.

Bring your customers to the next level

Vates Virtualization management stack is simple to deploy, simple to buy and simple to use. Our stack includes all the tools a user needs to build a virtual infrastructure of any size. Including hypervisor, web management interface, user administration and even backup solutions. A single solution to manage the entire infrastructure.

Control costs

Our value lies in the support we provide to our users, not in the sale of license keys. Our open source solutions are marketed on a per host basis, not per core or per processor socket. This makes infrastructure management more flexible, while reducing the overall cost of the infrastructure.

Easy to manage

Our stack is complete and does not require any other tools to run from A to Z, including backup. In addition, Vates always delivers end-user support, which leaves you, as a partner, free to focus on customer relations rather than problem solving.

Go deeper

Vates virtualization management stack is a complete solution, but it is also largely compatible with the tools your customers use. Cloudstack, CloudInit, Terraform... Xen Orchestra comes with a wide variety of plugins allowing you to go even further in managing your users' infrastructures.

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